Deep Learning Caffe 的幾個特點

by allenlu2007


Deep Learning 有幾種常用的 Tools

Caffe based on C, but with Python interface: UC Berkeley 開發。Google, CEVA 使用。Mainly for image.

* Torch7 based on Lua (ANSI C): NYU 開發。Facebook AI and Google use it.

* Theano and Pylearn based on Python : University of Toronto

* TensorFlow: Google

* SystemML: IBM


本文主要 focus 在如何設定 Caffe.  

Caffe 幾個特點:

底層是 C (and C++?) 所以速度很快。不過可以用 python (even ipython) 做成 interface.  所以用起來容易。

Protobuf:  from Google, for easy and fast data structure.

LMDB: from SAMS, for lightning database

HDF5: from xxx, for database.